Sector SPDRs Winners and Losers

While investors can apply various fundamental and technical research techniques, the most objective way to evaluate performance of individual sectors is to compare them relative to each other. For example, rebasing all nine Select Sector SPDRs against the benchmark S&P 500 Index provides us with information that can be used to anticipate future rotation.

Bill Miller Will Work for $72 Million

Tweet Earlier this week, Bloomberg reported Bill Miller Back on Top as ‘Great Rotation’ Lifts Stock Losers, to which Barry Ritholtz retorted, Bill Miller “Back on Top”? Not Exactly . . . We applied Truth Serum to the numbers going back to 1994 and calculated that Miller’s Legg Mason Capital Management Value Trust (LMVTX) lagged

Triple Top in Gold?

Tweet When Todd Harrison asked When Will The Comeuppance Arrive? a couple of weeks ago, he mentioned, “the head and shoulders (which “works” to Gold $1275).” To us, the pattern — especially with the RMI indicator flashing red for underperformance against the S&P 500 Index — was more of subtle: To many, the art of

MTI for Wednesday

Tweet The Market Turbulence Index (MTI) detects and measures the magnitude and frequency of volatility clusters in the S&P 500 Index. The last spike above 2.796 was on September 1, 2010 and corresponded with a reversal to the upside for the S&P 500 Index. We can see that the dot put in by last