Review of Stock Picks for May 14 – 18

The Select 20 is a list of twenty stocks selected from a symbol universe of large cap, liquid stocks based on the S&P 100 Index, NASDAQ 100, and top stocks held by hedge funds.

As of May 18, the Select 20 Stock Picks are up 7.36% vs. 2.99% for the S&P 500 index.

2012 YEAR TO DATE AS OF MAY 18, 2012

How It Works

The 20 stocks are selected based on quantitative metrics.

A broad filter based on a proprietary stop-loss indicator is then applied.

When the number of stocks “on buy” outnumber those “on sell”, cash in the model portfolio is deployed for the entire coming week for performance tracking purposes.

You may wish to use stop losses such as those from Pete’s Total Indicator.

This Week is a NO GO

As of the close on May 11, 2012, 54 out of 205 stocks on our list are on buy; therefore, this week is a NO GO.