CNBC Commercial Sentiment: Dividends

Recently we saw how bullish fund managers were with dividend investing.

Having CNBC on in the background this commercial caught my attention. is “powered by”

Having commercials air on CNBC is not cheap but maybe they get a good deal thanks to Jim Cramer’s relationship with CNBC?

The marketing department at must see a great opportunity and are taking advantage right now.

When something is hot on Wall Street you have to strike now.

At $149 a year for the premium service makes you wonder how many upsells for the rest of premium newsletters you will be getting.

A blast from the past. If you act now……


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  1. Here Are Some of the Best Dividend Plays, Mayo Says

    Stocks may have leapt into 2012 like a hare, but Richard Mayo, chairman of Mayo Capital Partners and a founder of Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co., thinks they’ll finish this year like a turtle.

    “He argues that dividends are the place to be, especially for long-term investors such as endowments that need to meet spending goals.”

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